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We partner with the top catering professionals in the event industry. Their menus offer a variety of options to accommodate any budget. 

Margherita's Grille
Closing in on a decade of serving up great food and friendly service to the people of the valley, Margherita's Grille is the quintessential family focused eatery. There is no mystery as to how this local favorite has become such a success over the years... it's baked into every dish. Discover the secret for yourself with made from scratch breads baked daily and served with a side of the restaurant's own Garlic Butter, as well as a bountiful assortment of homemade sauces, soups, desserts and other culinary delights. 

728 North State Street

Girard, Ohio

(330) 545-2424

The Mocha House

We had the vision of bringing big city flair to our little town.  It began with the idea of opening our coffee shop in an era when the chain coffee shops were unheard of. We constantly change up our menu to include new drinks, food items, and desserts. We believe in using the best ingredients and providing the best customer service.

Nothing brings people together better than coffee and food!

467 High St NE

Warren, Ohio

(330) 392-3020

Our tables are 8 feet in length and can seat up to 8 people with 4 chairs on each side. There are approximately 400 chairs available for use.

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