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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rental fee and what does it include?

The rental fee is dependent on the number of guests you will have attend your event. Please see the structure below:


100                    $250

100 to 150        $325

150 to 200       $350

200 to 250       $400

250 or more    $500

Facilities Cleaning Fee - $100

How many hours does the rental fee reserve for the space? Are there any charges for overtime? If yes, when do additional payments begin?

You will have use of the facility for 4 hours. This includes time to set up and clean up. All events are to end at 11pm, including time for clean-up. Any period of time exceeding the maximum use must be approved before the event, and will be charged at a rate of $75.00 per additional hour. Any unscheduled time not approved will be charged $50.00 and subtracted from the security deposit. 


How do I reserve Cedars Hall at the Woods for my event?

To secure your date we require your deposit along with a signed rental agreement. The remaining balance is due 60 days prior to your event.


Can we have our ceremony on site?

You may have your wedding on our grounds for an additional fee of $100 or you may have your wedding in the banquet room where your reception is being held. You must supply your own officiate or clergy. Please ask the special event coordinator for details. No events that are contrary to Catholic doctrine may be held at Cedars Hall at the Woods. 



All deposits are non-refundable.


Can we bring food or our own caterer?

We do not permit anyone to bring your own food into the venue or your own caterer. However, we do allow cake and pastries to be brought in by outside entities.

Can we customize our menu with items not listed?

Yes, our caterer can customize a menu for you.


May I bring in my own alcohol?

Yes, you may provide alcohol for your guests. There is a $50 alcohol fee that is required at the time of booking the facility. We do prefer that your caterer provides the bartender. However, if there is alcohol you must have a police officer present, which you independently pay a rate of $25.00 per hour for.


Can we have ice sculptures, chocolate fountains, or any type of “specialty decorations”?

You may rent these types of decorations from outside providers. The company you rent from is responsible for its set-up, proper operation, storage and pickup of equipment. (Please remind them to bring extension cords.) All equipment, or items brought in by an outside source must remove them from our facility by the end of your function. Ice sculptures cannot be carved here on site.


May we rehearse at Cedars Hall at the Woods for my event?

If you are having your ceremony in the hall, you can rehearse. However, there is a $50 fee to cover our employee coming to open the hall for you. This only can occur the day prior the wedding if there is no scheduled event at the hall.


May I come in earlier and decorate?

All hours must be consecutive. When you or your vendors arrive your 12 hours will begin, if you feel you need more time, additional hours may be purchased. 


May I drop items off the day before my wedding?

You can but we cannot be held responsible for items left in the hall. All items are to arrive when you or your vendors arrive at the start of your rental time frame and are to be taken off the property when your event comes to an end.


When can we bring in cakes and fresh flowers? 

Cakes and fresh flowers can be brought in within the designated time frame. 


Are there any limitations on decorating?

We ask that no balloon arch be placed in hallways, in entrances or exits to rooms. We do not allow confetti, birdseed, sparklers, smoke machines, or any type of pyrotechnics. Nothing can be stapled, nailed, taped, or tacked into walls, and nothing can be hung from chandeliers or from the ceilings. Any damage done or “special” cleanup involved will result in you or your group being billed. Nothing is allowed on dance floor i.e. decals, cake, etc. All your decorations, cake stands, outside linens, center pieces, etc. must be taken home with you at the end of your function. If you are unsure about any decorating, then please contact our coordinator for further assistance.


When can I view Cedars Hall at the Woods? 

You can call and set up an appointment to visit between Monday-Friday from 10-12 or Tuesday evenings from 5 to 6. 

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